Drive decisions with real-time and predictive data from all your assets, devices and equipment. Automate actions using predictive methods to transform your business into an Industry 4.0 leader.


AssetMinder® is an asset management application with predictive analytics capabilities. This out-of-the-box, turnkey solution can be easily implemented into your current business processes to increase productivity throughout your entire organisation.

AssetMinder® Condition Monitoring

AssetMinder® Condition Monitoring transforms the remote monitoring of mission-critical, heavy industrial assets such as compressors, pumps, centrifuges and generators. With process measurements and machine learning capabilities, this AssetMinder® module helps maintenance managers and process engineers to significantly reduce costs by to predicting failure and reducing costly downtime.
• Locate all your assets
• Implement proactive maintenance or service
• Predict equipment failure
• Monitor the usage of the equipment
• Control Service Remotely

AssetMinder® Connected Product

AssetMinder® Connected Product is a module for Original Equipment Manufacturers and distributors who want to connect their product quickly and test a market opportunity.
• Disrupt competitors
• Offer your asset as a service and find new revenue streams
• Increase sales of consumables
• Increased customer satisfaction, contract renewals, word-of-mouth and customer referrals
• Increase your brand equity with outstanding service


Disrupt your market, find new revenue streams and reduce operating costs quickly and with low risk.


AssetMinder® is an easy to deploy solution that can be self-installed and ready to capture data from any modern or legacy machine. AssetMinder® captures data from the edge though industrial grade Bluetooth sensors and robust Dell gateways. The application comes with a pre-configured, customisable, interface that enables easy importing and analysis of data


Other Industrial IoT solutions usually answer one question e.g where your asset is or what it is doing. They work well with one type of asset such as a vehicle, a generator or a building but never all of
your assets. AssetMinder® allows you to connect and monitor any type of assets, equipment or devices, all in one application. This allows you
to unlock levels of efficiency that haven’t been possible before.

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