Supercharge Your Production

AssetMinder helps industrial customers reduce energy and utility costs, track and reduce carbon emissions and monitor and maintain their equipment effectiveness via its suite of SaaS solutions.

We Provide 24/7 Monitoring Across All Your Critical Assets That Lead To Lost Production And Costly Repair If They Fail

AssetMinder® Predict’s condition-based monitoring and predictive maintenance technology captures usage and performance data from your existing systems and smart sensors, providing advanced insights to unlock data-driven intelligence.

Supported by a huge device library.

Machine and industry agnostic.

Extending across your existing assets.

Configurable to support your business processes.

AssetMinder® Impact’s energy monitoring technology captures energy usage from existing utility systems or from retrofitted meters to provide insights to reduce energy consumption across your facilities.

Case Studies



Dr Maria Wilson, Global Leader Data Driven Advantage

“Howden has been an Original Equipment Manufacturer for over 160 years. By connecting our equipment today we’re investing in future proofing our product strategies. And AssetMinder were at the centre of all of our efforts.”


GCE Healthcare

Donald Oleforo, GCE Healthcare Group Product Manager

“This project has moved GCE into the world of connected healthcare with new services and revenue streams based on a secure and scalable platform. It has significantly improved our offering to our customers, the patients we serve, and their clinicians.”

Unlocking the Power of Data in Manufacturing

Unlocking the Power of Data in Manufacturing

Discover the significance of data and analytics in the manufacturing industry and learn how to harness their power to optimize operations, reduce costs, and improve profitability.

What are digital twins?

What are digital twins?

Learn how digital twin technology is transforming the manufacturing industry, and how Konektio can help you achieve your digital transformation goals. Discover the benefits of predictive maintenance, process optimization, quality control, cost savings, and innovation with digital twins.

What is Industry 4.0?

What is Industry 4.0?

Read about the importance of data in manufacturing and how companies can take meaningful insights into actionable insights using tools like AssetMinder Impact.

Reduce machine downtime through proactive maintenance insights