Press Release: AssetMinder (Operations) Limited is formed

AssetMinder (Operations) Limited is formed to accelerate time-to-value for industrial customers through the provision of Condition Based Maintenance and Energy Monitoring Solutions.

Improving Equipment Reliability Through Predictive Maintenance

Understand the importance of predictive maintenance for manufacturers and how to introduce a predictive maintenance strategy quickly and cost-effectively.

Unlocking the Power of Data in Manufacturing

Discover the significance of data and analytics in the manufacturing industry and learn how to harness their power to optimize operations, reduce costs, and improve profitability.

What are digital twins?

Learn how digital twin technology is transforming the manufacturing industry, and how Konektio can help you achieve your digital transformation goals. Discover the benefits of predictive maintenance, process optimization, quality control, cost savings, and innovation with digital twins.

What is Industry 4.0?

What is Industry 4.0?

Read about the importance of data in manufacturing and how companies can take meaningful insights into actionable insights using tools like AssetMinder Impact.

Discover how IOT can deliver value, fast, across your operations.

UK Manufacturers Struggle With Rising Energy Costs and Political Uncertainty 

UK Manufacturers Struggle With Rising Energy Costs and Political Uncertainty 

The UK government finalized details of a revised energy cost support scheme which is set to reduce financial support for businesses. Konektio shares how its energy monitoring solution, AssetMinder Impact, can save on costs, improve efficiency and support sustainability during this difficult economic time.