Address energy costs and deliver sustainability goals.

AssetMinder® Impact is an industry leading machine agnostic solution for machine-by-machine energy monitoring, used to identify energy savings for all your utilities and supports in ISO50001 compliance as well as your sustainability goals.

Why impact?

Financial impact calculated

Monitor all your energy and utilities

See across your current systems

Support ISO50001 Compliance

Energy data for all who need it

Speak to our team, to discuss how AssetMinder can impact your energy usage

Discover how impact can cut costs and aid sustainability goals


See the impact

Real-Time Alerts

Get alerted when your energy usage trend changes and better manage them during idle periods

Total visibility

See every location’s energy monitoring data in a single dashboard

Data from day one

Gain insights into your energy usage and costs from day one

Measure all utilities

See your utility usage and performance, beyond electricity

Sustainability Goals

Understand your carbon emission output across your facilities

Energy costs are set to increase by over 200% in the next 12 months. Rapidly reduce and deploy energy costs with impact