Machine Monitoring Solution – Buyer’s Guide Checklist

Remote equipment monitoring is a proven way to improve service. It’s also a valuable first step in the IoT journey and the digital transformation. Companies embarking on a remote monitoring initiative to improve service should look for the capabilities outlined in the sections of this article to help ensure they get the value they seek. In addition, they can use the following checklist as high-level criteria to compare offerings.

This check list names the important requirements companies must consider to ensure a successful Machine Monitoring initiative.

Develop a strategy to improve service performance

Building a strategy is like building a product. Expect adjustments for changes in the environment and new requirements and plan for a continuous process. The success of your Industrial IoT Strategy depends on your staff adopting – not adapting to your Industrial IoT technology and supporting processes.

Start small and expand value quickly

Your IoT strategy should begin by identifying the process, product line or location that makes the biggest impact on your manufacturing organisation. By making small changes that make big impacts, you will be able to quickly bring more devices onto your network, without causing major headaches, all the while gaining support for the programme by quickly demonstrating ROI.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Get the right capabilities to monitor equipment, analyse data, put data in context, and create actionable service intelligence

Remote Monitoring technologies collect data on how your assets are operating in real-time, and then use Internet of Things (IoT) functionality to transmit that data to a centralised analytics engine. That engine tracks performance trends and alerts you to any problems – before they escalate. The best monitoring and diagnostics tools can give you unparalleled insight into your operations, enabling you to develop new products and marketing approaches, to optimise the performance of your machinery and to ultimately enhance your bottom line.

Look for predefined connectivity, dashboards, analysis, and applications and not start from scratch

In today’s competitive environments business executives demand project investments that generate quick, short-term wins, measurable ROI, and scalable use cases that will sustain long-term growth and benefit the bottom line. In many instances, homegrown IoT deployments have spiralled into massive cost centres with no clear reward or future benefits in sight.

Adopt a platform approach to remote equipment monitoring

Centralised, remote connectivity enables service teams to do their best work using an industrial IoT platform that provides the most relevant data for their job. ThingWorx can easily connect to all your assets—no matter the device or location—and requires minimal IT interventions (if any). And ThingWorx is user-friendly and accessible to everyone across your enterprise: from technicians focused on the nitty-gritty, in-depth data to C-Suite professionals who want a higher-level view of department metrics.

Get the right business and technical help to drive successful adoption

The development of the so-called Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – the introduction of smart, connected devices to manufacturing floors and other industrial settings – is making the systems integrator landscape far more complex – because it brings information technology (IT) into the mix.

As such, the challenge for systems integrators in the IoT era is not merely to connect systems and devices to each other in the most efficient way, but also to bring information analysis into the mix, to make sense of the vast amount of data being produced and to use those learnings to optimise operations.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Create a foundation for future growth

Remote monitoring using the IoT can provide rapid value by helping your company gain visibility to your equipment.

The value is strategic, but getting started doesn’t need to be intimidating. You can start small and grow value over time. Your investment can provide a valuable foundation to build on as you connect more equipment or implement more advanced features.

It’s important to find an IoT platform that offers a variety of predefined connectivity and application options so you don’t need to undertake a large integration project from scratch. Find a solution and IoT-savvy partner that can get you started with a simple project, but that offers the business knowledge and advanced tools needed to help you expand on your early success.

Look for a partner with IoT and business expertise and a comprehensive ecosystem

The Internet of Things has huge transformative potential in multiple business sectors – but harnessing that potential generally means taking a long-term and strategic approach as to how best to incorporate connected technology in day-to-day operations. IoT solutions providers that simply want to furnish you with a software solution and move on to the next customer are unlikely to be able to help you realise the true benefits of the IoT. Look for providers who are willing to get to know your organisation’s vision – and share in it for the long haul.

Get started with remote monitoring to reduce service cost, grow service revenue, and develop stronger customer relationships

Quick Wins and Long-Term Results with Remote Monitoring

Service leaders are using remote monitoring and IoT connectivity to become more efficient, proactive and successful. Read the eBook to learn how to:

  • Transform your service department into a revenue-driving leader across the company.
  • Solve service issues before they happen with predictive analytics.
  • Gain in-depth data on customers’ machine use and tool performance.
  • Reduce truck rolls and arm technicians with the right information and the right tools before they go into the field.

Transform your business today

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