Opportunities of IoT in Healthcare

When it comes to data, the knowledge that can be derived and how it can be used, are almost endless. Therefore, modern hospitals are becoming more and more digitalised, not only to help patients but also the physicians and medical staff too.

Two of the main areas where digitalisation has had the most visible impact is in the management of patients and the quality of care they are receiving. Doctors are now able to access patient data much faster as its more readily available across the hospital’s IT infrastructure and with smart medical devices, they can access up to the minute medical and patient data remotely on their tablets.

It’s all about monitoring

For hospitals being able to monitor patients via IoT-Based medical devices means that patients can spend less time hanging around in waiting rooms or even saving them having to go for check-ups altogether. This not only makes for happy patients but also saves hospitals a lot of money too. Having anywhere, anytime access to the relevant, detailed information allows clinicians to make informed care decisions. Having the right combination of solutions, services and expertise allows hospitals to deliver first-rate clinical care.

Such a vast ecosystem

Due to healthcare being such a vast ecosystem, this allows almost endless IoT applications; from remote monitoring and personal healthcare – to smart sensors and medical device integration, building facilities, robotics, smart pills and even in the treatment of diseases. IoT really has the potential to not only keep patient’s sage and healthy, but to improve how physicians can deliver that care as well.

The Smart Hospital

There are different layers that help create a smart hospital – the main 3 being data, insight and access. Data gets collected daily and fed to analytics or machine learning software to derive a “Smart” insight. These insights then need to be accessible to key users, such as a doctor, nurse, physician etc. through devices such as a desktop, tablet or smart phone so that they can make critical decisions much faster.

Adopting smart technology

Like all businesses and organisations starting their digital transformation, Hospitals are no different when it comes to adopting IoT. The common obstacles being costs, the challenge of integrating multiple devices, data security and privacy. It’s a matter of starting small and then scaling up and slowly but surely the healthcare service will be transformed. According to some estimates, spending on IoT solutions in healthcare will reach $1trillion by 2025.

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Protecting Smart Devices and Applications

Guidance on security throughout your IoT ecosystem

With the variety of connected applications and devices in operation now in the hundreds of thousands (and growing geometrically), it’s critical to ensure your IoT-related security standards are up to the task.

Read “Protecting Smart Devices and Applications” for a practical discussion of:

  • How to encrypt your data and network traffic (and why that’s just the start of IoT security)
  • Why your IoT is not nearly as secure as the cloud system it runs on
  • Best practices in authorization, auditing, secure software development, and more

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