Quick Wins and Long-Term Results with Remote Monitoring

Well-served customers are loyal customers, and loyal customers mean steady business. Therefore timely service has been high on OEMs agenda. To meet ever growing customer expectations and decrease the response time, manufacturers turned to software, refined internal processes, and emerging technologies. Now, there is even better an faster way to transform your service – Remote Monitoring.

Manufacturing service professionals are problem-solvers, code-breakers and translators. In order to fix a machine that is unexpectedly offline, under-performing, out-of-range or otherwise anomalous, service technicians need to be fluent in the machine’s language. And for industrial equipment, that language is real-time, accurate and accessible data.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring gives your machines a louder and stronger voice. They can tell you what’s gone wrong—or what’s about to go wrong—so you can fix it before your customer experiences any inefficiencies or downtime.

Remote monitoring through an Internet of Things (IoT) platform enables your business to:

  • Improve first-time fix rates (FTFR)
  • Decrease mean time-to-repair (MTTR)
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Streamline predictive maintenance
  • Create a future-forward servicing model that supports innovation and new revenue streams

These benefits help turn your service into an invaluable asset for gaining and retaining customers. With today’s remote monitoring tools, you can sell your customers on more than just products—you can sell them improved plant floor uptime for a more profitable and productive factory, at a lower cost of machine ownership. Remote monitoring is changing service models across the industry, and service organisations that do not embrace this new technology will rapidly fall behind more savvy competitors. Here are just a few of the ways that remote monitoring provides quick wins for immediate ROI—while helping you create a long.

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