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AssetMinder® is an asset management application with predictive analytics capabilities. This out-of-the-box, turnkey solution can be easily implemented into your current business processes to increase productivity throughout your entire organisation.

AssetMinder® directly impacts productivity, efficiency and business outcomes. Our IoT solution was purpose-built to meet your KPIs by providing the right data, at the right time to the right person—so you can make operational decisions in real-time, with unprecedented visibility into health, usage and capacity of your assets.

Disrupt your market, find new revenue streams and reduce operating costs quickly and with low risk.


AssetMinder® is an easy to deploy solution that can be self-installed and ready to capture data from any modern or legacy machine. AssetMinder® captures data from the edge though industrial grade Bluetooth sensors and robust Dell gateways. The application comes with a pre-configured, customisable, interface that enables easy importing and analysis of data.


Data is only valuable when it enables you to make better decisions and take action. AssetMinder®’s Predictive Analytics capabilities analyse current and past behaviours to forecast future patterns and help make decisions or automate processes.
This allows you to make more out of your assets and drive efficiency in all areas of your business.


Other Industrial IoT solutions usually answer one question e.g where your asset is or what it is doing. They work well with one type of asset such as a vehicle, a generator or a building but never all of your assets. AssetMinder® allows you to connect and monitor any type of assets, equipment or devices, all in one application. This allows you to unlock levels of efficiency that haven’t been possible before.


AssetMinder® seamlessly integrates with your current enterprise systems, therefore it is easily scalable across your whole organisation. This robust solution is ready to facilitate your future growth and enabling you to add multiple users, assets, and tenants.

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AssetMinder® already helps numerous companies in many aspects of their operations and across multiple industries. Whether you’d like to offer your product as a service, improve the efficiency of your factory, reduce downtime or discover the possibilities presented by Industrial IoT, we will be happy to share our customer’s case studies with you and demonstrate the business value that AssetMinder® brings.

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