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Centrifuge’s are key components of many industries — but they are complicated, expensive — and big; that can lead to big problems when they fail or aren’t checked regularly in the field. AssetMinder helped MSE Hiller see all the devices in action in the field remotely.

Centrifuge service experts MSE Hiller have a very diverse portfolio of customers, from large water utilities and treatment plants to the food and drink industry.

Large centrifuges are big beasts, can consume significant energy and when they fail, they can often have significant impact not just on productivity, but also the environment. For instance, a failed centrifuge in a sewage treatment plant can soon lead to effluence having to be dumped into local water sources like rivers.



“The problem that MSE Hiller was having when they approached us” says AssetMinder’s Jan Hemper “was that effectively they were using the customer as a sensor. They would ring up when there was a problem, but by then, any issues can be quite significant, there wasn’t any real predictive and preventative monitoring going on.

“Deploying AssetMinder immediately changed the way they could view their assets in the field. They could see issues developing and that really changes the way they can react and deploy their engineers in the field. They are now also armed with a lot more information before they even arrive on site. MSE Hiller place a high value on exceeding their service level agreements with customers, so sometimes it’s cheaper and more effective to actually arrive with a complete replacement unit, now their guys have the information they need to make that call.”

Using AssetMinder to keep a steady stream of data from the field has transformed the serviceability of the centrifuges in their rental fleet, but it’s also allowed them to offer the same tech and service agreements to maintain and service customers’ own units.

Ultimately, AssetMinder has been a very helpful catalyst in transforming their business and given them a powerful foundation to expand from. Soon AssetMinder will be deployed on their actual service fleet, so they can monitor and track their vehicles as well helping them monitor delivery of units and ensure they can action any customer services requirements as quickly as possible.

Complicated…and big. Real-time data gives a more complete picture to MSE HIller’s engineers 

“They are now also armed with a lot more information before they even arrive on site”