Leveraging the Power of Industry 4.0 in UK Manufacturing

Konektio, makers of Industrial IoT (IIoT) software product, AssetMinder, reflect on their major takeaways from Digital Manufacturing Week.
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One of the main aims of the Digital Manufacturing Week event in Liverpool last month was to help promote the latest technology within manufacturing by showcasing companies and technologies that are helping transform the industry. Both Rüdiger Stern, who is Konektio’s Chief Revenue Officer, and Nick Leeder, Advanced Manufacturing Expert at the World Economic Forum, were speakers at the event – here are their key takeaways:

1. Digital Transformation in UK manufacturing is alive and well– Digital transformation of manufacturing is not just an industry trend; it’s a global phenomenon. Industry 4.0 is here and the manufacturing industry is being forced to adapt to modern-day technology such as condition-based monitoring and predictive maintenance. We saw a lot of people who were excited about the fact that technology can help transform their businesses and help them be more competitive in the global marketplace. The event saw an explosion of exhibitors and products that are leveraging data to gain insights using techniques like machine learning and artificial intelligence – giving you insights into the health of your assets.

2. Data is important, but you need the right data and the right tools – Even with insights into the health of your assets, you could struggle to really see the value of that data. Manufacturers of the future need technology that gathers data from the machines and the operating environments within their plants and facilities. That’s where products like AssetMinder can connect and gain the right information about the health and condition of your machines through condition-based monitoring and predictive analytics. AssetMinder Predict helps to minimise unplanned downtime and optimise your maintenance schedule by uncovering your ‘hidden factory’ (parts of a manufacturing process that decrease the quality or efficiency of an operation), making your maintenance operations predictive, not reactive.

3. Energy monitoring is key – Another theme we saw across the event was the effects of spiraling energy costs across the UK and Europe. This is having a profound effect on the profitability and the operating margins of many manufacturing businesses within the U.K. A major takeaway was the importance of not limiting your energy maintenance to just electricity, but looking across the entire WAGES portfolio (water, air, gas, electricity, and steam). This is where AssetMinder Impact can have a significant benefit and opportunity within your organisation through identifying the energy savings for all your utilities and supporting in sustainability goals, and for example ISO50001 compliance.

It can be hard for businesses to stay ahead of their competitors, especially if they are not willing to make the changes needed to do so. If you are thinking about transforming your manufacturing operations or expanding your operation then you do not have time to waste. Contact us today about digital transformation for your business and how it can help you stay at the top of your game.

About Konektio

Konektio connects the digital and physical worlds to digitally transform global industrial and manufacturing customers. Through their world-class expertise in IIoT automation solutions and services, including the IIoT SaaS product AssetMinder®, they help organizations succeed in their digital transformation journey by enabling visibility and control of their assets across the factory and externally in the field. AssetMinder® captures usage and performance data from smart digital sensors, providing advanced insights to unlock data-driven intelligence that optimizes processes, condition monitoring, uptime, and profitability across a range of industries including manufacturing, transportation, utilities, smart infrastructure, and food processing.

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