5 Reasons Why Manufacturers Should Add ISO 50001 to Their Sustainability Checklist in 2023 

Sustainability is a hot topic in the manufacturing industry, and for good reason. Companies that prioritize sustainability not only benefit the environment but also often see cost savings and improved efficiency. One way that Konektio helps its clients improve their sustainability efforts is through the environmental data AssetMinder Impact provides in supporting ISO 50001 certification. 

What is ISO 50001? 

ISO 50001 is an international standard that outlines a framework for managing and improving energy efficiency. It provides a systematic approach for identifying and implementing opportunities to reduce energy consumption and improve energy performance. Companies that adopt ISO 50001 are required to establish energy targets, conduct energy audits, and implement an energy management system (EnMS). 

Why is ISO 50001 Important for Manufacturers? 

  1. Increase Energy Efficiency Performance: Adopting ISO 50001 can help companies increase their energy efficiency performance, productivity, and compliance. By adopting a systematic approach to energy management, manufacturers can identify and implement energy efficiency measures that can improve their energy performance and productivity, while also complying with energy-related regulations and requirements. 
  1. Manage Risks Surrounding Future Energy Supply: ISO 50001 can help manufacturers manage risks surrounding future energy supply. With increasing uncertainty surrounding energy supply and pricing, ISO 50001 can help companies prepare for potential risks and to mitigate them effectively. 
  1. Save on your Bottom Line: One of the most significant benefits of adopting ISO 50001 is that it can lead to significant energy cost savings. By identifying and implementing energy efficiency measures, manufacturers can reduce their energy consumption and lower their energy bills, adding savings to their bottom line. 
  1. Build your Environmental Credentials: Adopting ISO 50001 can help manufacturers build and support their reputation as a company with good environmental credentials. By demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency, manufacturers can differentiate themselves from their competitors and improve their relationships with stakeholders. 
  2. Make Data-Based Decisions on your Energy Usage: ISO 50001 can enable manufacturers to use data to better understand and make decisions about energy use. The environmental data provided by AssetMinder Impact can help manufacturers to better understand their energy use and make data-driven decisions about energy efficiency measures and strategies. 

In conclusion, ISO 50001 is a valuable tool for manufacturers that are looking to improve their sustainability efforts. By adopting the standard and implementing an energy management system, companies can achieve several benefits, including cost savings, improved environmental impact, and enhanced reputation and credibility. Contact us to learn about how AssetMinder Impact can give you the data you need to become ISO 50001 certified in 2023. 

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