Why Agnostic Monitoring is Essential in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) 

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has transformed the way manufacturers and industrial companies work by giving them real-time data and insights to enhance efficiency, productivity, and profitability. But like any technology, there are challenges that need to be overcome to unlock its full potential. One such challenge that Konektio has taken the lead on is agnostic monitoring in the manufacturing industry. 

What is Agnostic Monitoring? 

Agnostic monitoring enables you to monitor and collect data from a range of different systems, devices, and protocols, without being tied to a specific vendor or technology. This feature is crucial in the IIoT as it allows companies to combine data from various sources, such as sensors, machines, and controllers, giving them a complete overview of their operations. 

The Drawbacks of Vendor-Specific Machine Monitoring: 

Traditionally, many IoT solutions were tied to hardware manufacturers and offered information only on a limited number of equipment. The main drawback of this approach is that you become restricted to using only one vendor’s hardware, limiting your options in the market and exposing you to potential price hikes later. In addition, if you wish to monitor new equipment outside your current vendor’s offerings, you would have to find a new vendor or work across multiple platforms, leading to operational inefficiencies and added costs. 

The Benefits of Agnostic Monitoring: 

  1. Agnostic monitoring tools allow businesses to quickly expand their information and monitoring capabilities across their entire business without significant new investments. This helps businesses to make the most of their existing equipment and investments, giving them a comprehensive view of their operations. 
  1. Agnostic monitoring also provides companies with flexibility and adaptability. With agnostic monitoring, businesses can easily integrate new devices and systems into their IIoT infrastructure without being restricted by existing technologies. This allows them to take advantage of new technologies as they become available and respond to changing business needs. 
  1. Moreover, agnostic monitoring ensures that companies make informed decisions based on accurate and comprehensive data. By collecting data from all devices and systems, companies gain a complete understanding of their operations and make better decisions on how to optimize their processes. 

Agnostic monitoring is a crucial part of the IIoT and allows companies to monitor and collect data from various systems, devices, and protocols, giving them the insights they need to optimize operations and stay competitive. All of Konektio’s products, from AssetMinder Predict to AssetMinder Impact, come with agnostic monitoring, ensuring that our software fits into your systems. Contact us for a demo and see the unique impact we can have on your organization. 

About Konektio

Konektio connects the digital and physical worlds to digitally transform global industrial and manufacturing customers. Through their world-class expertise in IIoT automation solutions and services, including the IIoT SaaS product AssetMinder®, they help organizations succeed in their digital transformation journey by enabling visibility and control of their assets across the factory and externally in the field. AssetMinder® captures usage and performance data from smart digital sensors, providing advanced insights to unlock data-driven intelligence that optimizes processes, condition monitoring, uptime, and profitability across a range of industries including manufacturing, transportation, utilities, smart infrastructure, and food processing.

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